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Is there a generic cialis?

Say, don’t you sometimes feel that there’s something terribly wrong with pharmaceutical industry every time you hit the pharmacy to get your Cialis refill and see this medication selling for 35 bucks a pill? The funny thing is that it’s not actually that it’s made of solid gold or anything – it’s just that there’s one company holding the patent for this medication and, therefore, allowed to set its price as high as it wants to. Some say that the situation might change in 2018 when this company’s patent expires but… Here’s some good news for you: there is a cheaper alternative available already – and this is exactly what we will be talking about in this article.

Is there a generic Cialis?

It’s hard to believe that there are thousands of people saying that generic Cialis doesn’t exist. You can see these boneheads on message boards, in social networks, in blogs, telling one and the same thing: there is no such thing as generic Cialis. Well, there is only one explanation that we can think of – the people who say so have never been outside of the United States! There are numerous pharmaceutical companies manufacturing meds that are 100% identical to Cialis in countries like India, Mexico and many others where the patent of the current monopolist, Eli Lilly and Company, has no legal power.

Some call generic Cialis an ‘illegal drug’, which immediately gets you thinking about narcotics and other dangerous substances. However, this only means that it’s against the current patent to produce and sell meds similar to Cialis. When Eli Lilly’s patent finally expires, all those ‘illegal’ Tadalafil-based meds will suddenly become perfectly legal and suitable for treating ED. Don’t you think it all sounds a little hypocritical?

Okay, our point of view is the following: generic Cialis does exist and most of its versions are exactly as good and safe as brand-name Cialis is. If you want, you can google customers’ reviews of the most popular Cialis generics – such as, for instance, Tadalis by Ajanta Pharma or Tadacip by Cipla Limited. You will see that 99.9% of the men who used the name brand and the generic agree that both are exactly the same.

Advantages of generic Cialis

There are tons of things that make people choose generic Cialis over its brand-name alternative and we’re definitely going to list the most important of these in our article. Watch out – even if your intention to try generic Cialis is not that serious, you are still very likely to end up trying it for real after you read all of this.

First of all, you just won’t believe your eyes when you see the price difference between brand-name and generic Cialis. The former costs around $35 a pill in the US and you will be lucky if you can get it under $20 a pill somewhere abroad. Generic Cialis, in its turn, will most probably cost you $1-3 per pill – even if you stick with the most reliable and popular manufacturers! How does that sound?

Besides, if you are tired of having the same talk with your doctor and taking the same tests over and over again every time you need to renew your prescription, generic Cialis is the perfect option for you as most pharmacies sell it over the counter! You will be surprised but even brand-name Cialis is considered to be an OTC drug in Mexico, India, China and many countries of Europe. And there’s actually no need for you to go on a trip there every time you need to refill your cabinet –all you have to do is order them online.

Oh, the wonderful process of getting your Cialis on the Web… It takes less time, it saves you from the trips to your doctor and then to your pharmacy… But, most importantly, it gives you the amazing feeling of privacy and security. You will no longer risk running into someone you know on your monthly walk of shame to the nearest pharmacy – if you order it online, it will be delivered straight to your door in discreet packaging so that even the delivery person will have no idea!

Disadvantages of generic Cialis

Unfortunately, there are two sides to every story and this one is not an exception. The main downside of generic Cialis is the fact that there are quite a few ‘bad’ online pharmacies and manufacturers that might still be selling drugs that don’t work or might even be dangerous for your health. Thus, the process of shopping for generic Cialis is always more of a hassle than simply going to the pharmacy around the corner and getting yourself a new package of the mighty 36-hour pills. You always have to spend some time checking this or that pharmacy’s background, reading the reviews, visiting pharmacy directories, etc., etc., before you buy. That is, unless you have already found your trustworthy drugstore and are buying from it regularly.

Besides, if you come from the United States or a few other countries where Eli Lilly’s patent still has full legal power, you just won’t be able to buy generics from a local pharmacy. There’s no other way but to order from abroad – from India, Mexico, Canada, etc. And you always have to be careful when choosing how much Cialis to order – if you get too greedy and order too much, there’s always a chance your package will never even make it through the customs.

Apart from these two minor problems that can easily be avoided if you pay enough attention, we couldn’t come up with any other disadvantages of generic Cialis. So, once again, just to sum it all up… Is there a generic Cialis? Yes. Is it as good as the brand-name pill? Yes once again!

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